The scariest day in my life

Write about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost.   I’m a mom and I have 4 kids.  When my 2nd born was in 1st grade, she had a little friend.  One day, he invited her to come home with him after school to play.  She rides the bus, he walks…  She knew I wouldn’t let her go, so she thought, “better ask forgiveness, then permission”.   So she skipped off with her friend to have a fun little adventure into the big wild world of the “unknown”.  She had a fun time and then decided it was time to go home.

Meanwhile, back at the old homestead, big brother comes in the door just like clock-work.  Hmm, where is little sister?  “I don’t know”, says brother.

“Was she on the bus?!”

“I don’t know.”

“How can you not know?!”

“I don’t know.”

Ok, we aren’t going to panic, we are going to check with the neighbors.  I’m sure she went to see one of her friends next door.  Checking……checking.

No, no luck!  Where is she, no, she’s fine, I’m sure!  Right?

Call the school, check with the secretary, check with the teacher, call the bus barn.  Dad goes to drive the bus route, maybe she got off too soon or fell asleep on the bus??

Now we are getting desperate, call in the Sheriff friend and he gets his buddies out looking too.  Dad heads to the school, Mom anxiously waits at home, trying to not think of all those pictures trying to push their way into her head.  Stranger, kidnapper, hurt, kill!  No!  It can’t be true, she is somewhere, safe… Please God!

Call the friend to pray, get the neighbors out looking down the streets.  Dad gets to the school and sees his Sheriff friend and about 7 of His sheriff friends.  Everyone out looking, hearts beating faster, don’t panic!!

Dad is feeling helpless, the tears are starting to flow.  “Oh God, please help us find her!”

Mom waiting by the phone… it rings… “Mom, I’m ready to come home, can you come and get me?”

“Where are you!?  We are coming, what happened!?”

“Oh, I’m just at a friend’s house; he invited me over after school.”

“WHAT?!”  (Calm down, deep breath)  “Is his mom there?  Can I talk to her?!”

Mom is there, “Oh yeah, they walked across the field together.  They’ve been watching TV.  No problem.”
“Do you realize, we had no idea where she was??  We have the police looking, the school looking, the neighbors looking, the bus barn looking……”

“Oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t know she was coming?”

“Didn’t you ask her if her mom knew where she was?!”

“Oh, no I thought it was fine.”

“Ok, what is your address, my husband will be there in less than 3 minutes!!”

They come home, everyone is relieved and thanks are given out profusely.

She has no clue about what went on while she was calmly watching TV with her little friend.

That night her mom & dad hugged her just a little tighter than normal, and all their other children as well.  She knows now to ask permission first!  That was the longest hour an a half in my life!


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